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Hello ♥

is here.

(on hiatus)

I have no concept of the word 'self-control'.
Writing is my method of escapism when I'm stressed or procrastinating.
There's ton of crap in my drive that never gets posted.
With that said, I'm always writing when I shouldn't be.

I ship YunJae.
And I post on complex, detox, hug, and someplace else I can't recall.

I'll add you back if you want, but it'll be nice to know you.
Tons of friends have gone off, and it's lonely nowadays.
It'll be nice.
And I'm not scary.

Also, I'll reply every single comment you make.
It might encourage me to write, when I have time.

OK? Okay.

Mr. Perfect Next Door 2/?

Title: Mr. Perfect Next Door 2/?
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 792
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything.

Summary: Jaejoong finds the new neighbour so, so attractive, and Yunho’s really good with dogs.

“Um,” he started, unintelligently, “…hi?”Collapse )

Programmed 1/?

Title: Programmed (robot!jae)
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: PG
Word Count: 883
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except the plot

Summary: Jaejoong is unable to fight his first nature – he was programmed to love Yunho.

Read more...Collapse )

A/N: I was working on this all week, instead of drabbles! :)

24/11/14-28/11/14 :)

A/N: Finished my first week! Kudos to me! I'm proud of myself butttttt It's really drabble length - you've been warned.

24/11/14 | Online | YunJae, Yoochun-centric | PG | WC: 138

OnlineCollapse )

25/11/14 | Slow Down | YunJae | NC-17 | WC: 294

Slow DownCollapse )

26/11/14 | Shining | YunJae | PG | WC: 181

ShiningCollapse )

27/11/14 | Game | YunJae | PG | WC: 173

GameCollapse )

28/11/14 | [siblings] 33% | YunJae | NC-17 | WC: 181

33%Collapse )


21/11/14 | [siblings] Rivalry | implied YunJae, JaeSu | PG | WC: 313

Read more...Collapse )


If there's anyone still there.. sorry for being the worst author around :(
I practically disappeared for forever and I don't know where all my writing has gone.

I still see some of your comments around and I feel really sorry that I haven't done my part and left some of you hanging :/
Pretty much been a really long period of shitty writing and then real life caught up.

I haven't left the fandom, and there are plans to come back to writing, but nothing I write seems good so I'm going to try something that I've seen caleyedoscope do (who, btw, has the best writing ever).
One drabble per weekday, seems like a good time to start as any other, since I've started to blog daily too.
Hopefully I can keep up with the drabbles and get back to working on the stories that are on hold.

And feel free to comment if you're looking for any continuation / have any ideas about sequels - that'd be great!
No promises but no harm trying either ;)

Adopted list of topics under the cut <3Collapse )



Title: Afterglow
Pairing: YunJae, implied JaeChun
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1837
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything.

Summary: Because true love doesn’t mean a happy ending.


Having Yoochun made it hurt less.Collapse )

Arete 2/2 - It's Flawless

Title: Arete 2/2 – It’s Flawless
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Purely fictional! And I don’t own any of the characters~
Word count: 2336

Summary: When blank stares out the bus window turn into something more. And one learns that perfection just might lie in the little blemishes, and the other learns to extinguish imperfections.

A/N: I thought it’d be interesting to write about this! Struck me when I was doing the exact thing on a bus like so many other times(:


And paint he does.Collapse )

Arete 1/2 – Make Perfect

Title: Arete 1/2 – Make Perfect
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Purely fictional! And I don’t own any of the characters~
Word count: 3513

Summary: What if all we needed to be perfect were each other?


“Your laughter is like you. Pretty.”Collapse )

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You gotta click on MY THREAD to comment on my writing!
If you got something to say about how I write (which I will definitely be glad to learn about), but am too shy to say it, then here you go, an alternative!
Other than that, logging in works too!

Thanks guys!


P/S: First time I'm seeing this!
P/P/S: Two-shot in construction. Merry Christmas!